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Dr. Cherry A. Collier (Dr. C.) helps her clients see and achieve massive results. She led the organizational change and human performance efforts for several $5+ million dollar ventures. Dr. C. has a natural talent in developing talent management strategies and coaching diverse teams. Her programs positively impact revenue, profit, and performance. Dr. C. has a Ph.D. from The University of Georgia in Applied-Social Psychology. She is a Master Sales and Marketing Strategist and author of several books including: “Move out of your own Way.” She is certified in  MBTI, DISC, HBDI and True Colors (and many others) and is a TTI-DISC distributor.

Dr. C. specializes in Personal Development, Personality Profiling, Persuasive Skills, Peak Performance and Speedy Rapport. Dr. C. is a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP.  She started consulting with clients at a very early age and decided to follow her passion of empowering people by following the footsteps of her mentor Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.


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