All people have hidden talents. . . however, the perceptions of others may keep us from knowing what they are. For example, a person who has a sense of urgency and likes to do things quickly can be perceived by others as a troublemaker in some environments. In the correct environment, this would be an asset. Many people have self-limiting beliefs that keep them from acknowledging their talent. Why? Because our friends, teachers, parents, spouses, or managers may have told us something that triggered self doubt. Eliminating self-limiting beliefs can permanently change a person's life, literally over night. There is nothing more powerful in the world than a person who truly believes in themselves and their abilities. Achievers throughout history have had one thing in common they know themselves. Achievers don't underestimate what they can do. They don't sell themselves short.
They know their own limitations and, by realizing their weaknesses, are able to develop plans to overcome their shortcomings and take full advantage of their strengths. It is a human tendency for others to tell you how you should change your life. It's also a human tendency for you to reject these opinions. Your opinions about yourself are what counts when striving for success.

Discovery Opportunities
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Assessment options:

Career Factors Inventory
Coping Resources Inventory
CPI 260™
Hermann Brain Dominance Inventory
Interests/Skills Checklist
Myers Briggs MBTI®
Problem Solving Inventory
Strong & Skills Strong Interest Inventory®
True Colors
Work/Life Values Checklist

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.We also offer several versions of The Success Insights™ Behavioral Profile reports:

Interviewing Insights: General™

This version helps you to prepare for interviews by displaying your general characteristics, ideal work environment, value to the organization and even relevant interview questions. Knowing who you are, why you should be hired and being able to effectively communicate this information are essential in making your search process easier and more successful.

Interviewing Insights: Sales™

This version is specifically tailored for sales professionals.

Executive Report™

Designed specifically for executives, this report will outline personal strengths and value to the organization, as well as identify how they approach problems and challenges. It targets characteristics that can move an executive from a "manager" to a "leader" of people while offering strategies for open, direct communications that lead to results that both you and the organization need.

Employee-Manager Report™

People are unique and should be managed, coached and supported in a way that capitalizes on their uniqueness in the work environment. This report is designed to identify individual strengths and limitations and assist in creating an action plan for increasing productivity and overall effectiveness.

Sales Report™

In today's competitive marketplace, success in selling is more challenging and requires a higher level of skill. This tool provides the sales professional with a broad understanding of his/her natural sales style. The assessment process addresses the type of product you prefer to sell, how you handle sales presentations, as well as how you close and service accounts - to adapt your sales style to give customers what they want and achieve successful results.

Successful Career Planning Report™

One of the most life-affecting decisions is your career choice. The average person who works full time for 35 years, averaging 40 hours per week for 50 weeks a year, will spend 70,000 hours of his/her life at work! Research suggests that different behavioral styles excel and are attracted to different occupations. The Career Planning Profile will assist you in finding your career direction by helping you begin to define a critical element - your occupational / behavioral style, which is a major ingredient in determining your career choice. The closer the job matches your natural behavior style, the more satisfying and rewarding your career will be. This report also includes specific job titles most appropriate for the individual's behavioral style.

Time P.L.U.S. Report™

Determine the factors that impact your productivity as well as possible causes and solutions for correcting or eliminating specific time wasters. It allows you the opportunity to develop a powerful new approach to organizing and managing you time effectively.

Sales Strategy Index™

Designed to provide you with information of your understanding of sales strategy across seven key categories of the sales process and their successful application. This tools helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can increase your sales effectiveness and results.

Sales Success Insights™

This assessment is the tool of choice for many employers today to provide an insight into the preferred working habits and characteristics of prospective employees. The assessment is also utilized for pre-employment screening, premarital consultations, team building and other applications in the business world.


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