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One day I had it all: a 6-figure job, both parents living, a loving and supportive relationship, and all the other things that go along with the fairy tale life. Suddenly, my dreams were turned inside out; forcing me to make some very tough life choices.  My greatest choice was deciding to view my cup as half full rather than half empty.  Learn why my clients started calling me “The Attitude Magician” after I used my life lessons magically to empower me and others to M.O.V.E. out of their own ways to achieve extraordinary results.

Question: Dr. Cherry, I heard that your clients started calling you the Attitude Magician.  Do you actually perform magic with your clients and how did this name come about?

Answer: Thanks for asking and the true answer is, yes.  I actually use magic as a strategy in my speaking to empower my audiences, and to integrate the visual, auditory and kinesthetic pieces of learning life lessons.  The name Attitude Magician came about from a client. After we worked together, his staff’s attitude seemed to magically improve.  He said to me, “You are a magician.” I told him I didn’t do anything.  The truth is, I only cultivated what was already there. I used a simple formula to train the team.



Mind Fast

  • Cleanse your mind of negative thoughts
  • Use affirmations of success
  • Stay away from negative thoughts and people
  • Eliminate all negative emotions from the past

Attitude of Appreciation

  • Celebrate what is
  • Celebrate what you already have
  • Develop an attitude of gratitude
  • See all the great things you possess

Gain Clarity on Self

  • What are your strengths?
  • What do you do well?
  • How often can you see the glass full?
  • What are your values (flexibility, honesty)?
  • What is your style?
  • What are your stressors and triggers?
  • Consider behavioral assessments

Intend Success

  • Visualize success: think it, feel it, hear it and see it
  • Expect every encounter to be successful (with your customers, family, classmates, team members, etc.)

Communicate with Positive Language

  • Use magic words that make you and others feel powerful
  • Smile (nonverbal language)
  • Give praise and appreciation

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Who is Dr. Cherry:
I am extremely passionate about personal empowerment, prosperity and growth.  It is my fervent belief that we came to earth with all of the resources we will ever need to be successful. All we have to do is decide to use them.  As a peak performance and business development expert, I pull out the best in others (and by helping others I help myself to be all that I can be).  I have successfully performed of hundreds of seminars, training programs, key note addresses, coaching sessions, and one-on-one interventions which have resulted in my becoming one of the most sought after empowerment speakers and business/life coaches in America. 

 When it comes to helping people MOVE out of their own way-- I wrote the book. My bestselling book "Move Out of Your Own Way!" enables people to get out of their own way to achieve extraordinary results.  It is my personal belief that all work starts with self and that once you understand self you will quickly actualize on your authentic power, bringing abundance, growth, and positive change.

Countless audiences have been moved and transformed by my ability to inspire them to recover the resources that they already have inside of them to be successful.  My compassion, motivation, and belief in the human spirit and individual accountability yield personal successes for each client, establishing my position among the finest empowerment speakers on the circuit.  Speaking is my hobby.  Ideally, I would be traveling to a speaking engagement every day.  I balance my speaking commitments between the academic sector and the business sector.  This really helps me to bring the best of myself to both of the groups.  Academic institutions rarely want what corporate wants and vice versa, however, both groups typically like a good mix.  Being a top speaker in both sectors keeps me constantly updating my material to give the audience a peak performance

Possession of a solid and comprehensive educational background, along with a diverse career as an educator and human performance improvement consultant enables me to expertly create large-scale organizational change management.  As the Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO) of The Fruits of Labor, Inc. and People Psychology International,  I have successfully carried out performance coaching programs and team enhancement interventions for Fortune 500 corporations.  Some of the major institutions that have benefited from my work include The Coca Cola Company, Verizon, SunTrust, Lucent Technologies, Sharp Electronics, Department of Interior, Russell Corporation, Department of Transportation, Aflac, and Auburn University.

My Ph.D. and Master of Science in Social Psychology were earned from the University of Georgia.  I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Spelman College with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  In addition to being a life coach, educator, and motivational speaker, I am also a published author.  Further credentials include Visiting Professor at Kennesaw State University, certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP, certified Hypnotherapist, graduate of The Coaches Training Institute, and member of the National Speakers Association.


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